The Proto-Vishnuan Ocean is an ocean that formed in the Neohadean. It was a sea that stretched from the Kaapvaal craton and all the way down to North China and the Congo

Statherian Period

The world near the beginning of the Statherian. During this time, the ocean was surrounded by the Mackenzie Ocean to the west, Proto-Australia to the north, and the Congo to the south.

Closure of the ocean Edit

The Proto-Vishnuan Ocean began to close around 1,750 Mya (million years ago) when the Deftero-Vishnuan seaway was widening. Around 200 million years later after this event began, Laurentia and most of the Proto-Australia joint together, making this ocean remain as a small, shallow bed no bigger than a wooden hut you would see today, and no taller than an adult mouse would be today.